David Charles Parris, M.D.

Internal Medicine

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New Patients Accepted!

Education + Accreditation:

  • Medical: Catholic University of Louvain - Brussles
  • Internship: St. Louis University School of Medicine - St. Louis
New Patients Accepted!


Dr. Parris has been practicing medicine since 1982. He provides patients in North Hollywood and the surrounding communities with quality and compassionate care with an emphasis on preventive medicine. He believes in the importance of matching his patients care with their individual needs to best support their health and help them have a quality of life. Through his partnership with Lakeside Community Healthcare and Regal Medical Group, Dr. Parris has access to the best hospitals, specialists, labs, radiology facilities, and support programs available. As a dedicated champion of health, he exemplifies the Lakeside and Regal standards of accessible and compassionate healthcare

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